Friday, 6 September 2013

Working methods to remove diabetes permanently.

Hello Friends,

As you know, I was a diabetic patient. But with the grace of God, my sugar level is normal now. I updated my last post on 9 July 2013.

I am not taking any medicine to cure my diabetes. Yes, its true. howz its possible. Let me share it with you. May be it will helps you to cure your diabetes.

What changes I did in my life and this miracle happens?

  • Wake up early in the morning around 4:30 AM.
  • Earlier gone to bed for sleep.
  • Start Yoga upto 1 hours.
  • Walk 20-30 min after Yoga
  • Pure Aloe Vera Gel 4-5 spoons after Yoga(I will recommend Forever Aloe Vera. Becoz I took this one and we can trust on them. Rest many are available in market )
  • Don't eat anything upto 1 hour after Aloe Vera Gel. 
  • Drink normal water as much you can after 1 hour. (not cold water)
  • Avoid sugar coated & fried items. 
  • Add Bitter Gourd in your daily meal.
May be 1-2 points left, but necessary one discussed. I followed upper steps and I found my diabetes level to normal. Its more than a month, I didn't touched any medicine. Even, I am eating sugar and fried items. Still, it is normal. I am doing regular sugar check after 2 weeks.

Now, I left Yoga and exercise due to my busy schedule. But taking Aloe Vera gel on regular basis. Will start Yoga again. Now, I am doing the same practical on my parents. And my father sugar level comes from 480 to 220 without medicine. Hope they will come to normal level soon.

I just shared my story what happened with me. I am not a doctor, not a scientist. So, I can't guarantee you that same will happen with you. But, if you follow these ways may be it helps you lot. And improves your diabetes level.

I will share my parents diabetes level report soon. Becoz they have diabetes from 4 years.

Best of Luck!
Your Well Wisher